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We know that you have many options when it comes to your dental care provider. At Chandler Dental Center, we believe that our commitment to quality service, patient comfort, and punctuality are what sets us apart from others. Throughout our office, you’ll find details big and small that reflect these core tenets of our practice philosophy.

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All-Around Comfort

We believe that having a positive patient experience and feeling comfortable throughout every step of your dental appointment go hand in hand. Our practice has various amenities geared towards your comfort and relaxation. We invite you to make use of them at your next visit. As always, our team is here to help with any concerns you might have. If you require any special accommodations, please let one of our staff members know so that we may better assist you.

  • WiFi
  • Pillows & Blankets
  • Refreshing Beverages & Snacks
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Leading-Edge Technology

Along with our knowledge and experience, dental technology plays a major role in the quality of care that we’re able to provide to you. As such, we’re all too happy to make investments in the tools that we use to improve your overall experience with us.


Successful dental treatment begins with successful diagnosis. DIAGNOdent is like a little pen that uses laser light to find cavities. This offers a more precise method of detection than just relying on the naked eye, especially when it comes to cavities found below the surface.

Intraoral Camera

The more you know about your own oral health, the more confident you can be when making decisions about it. With our intraoral camera, we can gather a more accurate picture of your dental health. Then, we can show you what we’re seeing using in-screen pictures and videos.

Isolite System

Our attention to your comfort goes further than just amenities. The Isolite system has light and suction capabilities that allow our team to work more efficiently and save you time. It also has a flexible mouthpiece that makes it easier for you to sit through your appointment.

Dental Laser

Lasers are transforming dentistry by improving treatment accuracy, minimizing patient discomfort, and helping to speed up post-procedure recovery. We use our dental laser for soft tissue procedures, like those involving the gums.