Loose Dental Crown? Here’s Your Action Plan

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Ever found yourself suddenly feeling something wiggly in your mouth, only to realize it’s your dental crown playing truant? Yeah, it’s not exactly the highlight of anyone’s day. But before you start fretting or googling DIY fixes, let’s walk you through the do’s and don’ts when you find yourself in this sticky (or, in this case, unsticky) situation. From keeping your cool to making that all-important dentist appointment, here’s your comprehensive guide on what to do with a loose dental crown.

Stay Calm and Don’t Poke Around

First thing’s first: deep breaths. Realizing your dental crown is about as secure as a leaf in a windstorm is no picnic, but panic is not going to help. Resist the urge to play amateur dentist by poking, prodding, or worse, attempting a self-removal. These crowns are not meant to be user-serviceable and messing with them could spell trouble for both the crown and your tooth.

Make That Call

Your dentist is your best ally when it comes to a loose crown. Give them a ring, explain what’s up, and get yourself penciled in for an appointment ASAP. They’ve seen it all, and they’ll know just how to tackle your runaway crown situation.

The Clean-up Operation

If the crown has bid adieu and fallen out, you’ll want to gently clean it and the exposed tooth. A gentle rinse with water should do the trick—steer clear of soaps or harsh cleaners. And as tempting as it might be to use superglue or a piece of gum to stick it back in (yes, people have tried), please resist. You’re more likely to end up with a bigger mess on your hands.

Ease the Discomfort

A loose or missing crown can be uncomfortable, to say the least. If you’re feeling the pinch (or the ache), over-the-counter pain relievers can be your friend. Stick to softer foods and try to chew on the side that isn’t staging a dental rebellion to give your tooth a break.

The Dentist’s Chair

Once you’re in the hands of your dentist, they’ll do a full assessment. Sometimes, the crown just needs a bit of TLC and reattachment. Other times, you might be looking at getting a new crown. Either way, they’ll have you sorted and your smile back to its full glory.

Emergency Dental Care: Not Just a Myth

If you find yourself with a loose crown at an inconvenient hour, don’t worry. Many dental practices, like Chandler Dental Center in San Antonio, TX, are ready to jump into action with an emergency appointment and save your crown—and your peace of mind.

Trustworthy Dental Crowns in San Antonio, TX

A loose dental crown doesn’t have to be a dental disaster. With a calm approach and the right steps, you can navigate this hiccup like a pro. So, if your crown decides to go on a little adventure, or you’re just due for a check-up, you know who to call. With Chandler Dental Center, your smile is in expert hands!

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