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Top Three Reasons for Tooth Infections

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Though a tooth infection can take several months to develop, noticeable hints of pain and discomfort can make you suspect there’s something wrong. Instead of waiting for sensations to surprise you, learn about the top three reasons for tooth infections.

With this helpful information and routine care from our team at Chandler Dental Center, you can be proactive in developing one!

1. Ignoring Toothaches

Dental pain or sensitivity is a clear sign something is going on with your teeth. The consequence of ignoring toothaches or other sensations can be severe, including an infection.

Typically, these toothaches begin due to decay. When tooth decay is left untreated, conditions eventually spread to the center of the tooth, infecting the pulp and nerves, and you may need a root canal to save the tooth.

2. Delaying Dental Work

Whether it be financial or schedule conflicts, delaying dental work could cost you more in the long run— including a tooth infection! As soon as you experience something unusual with your oral health, schedule a dental appointment with our team to get ahead of the problem.

3. Development of Gum Disease

Did you know gum disease can increase the risk of tooth infections? While gum disease goes after the soft tissue that supports the teeth, the bacteria can spread to surrounding areas, affecting the teeth.

When caught in its early stages, gum disease is manageable with the help of professionals. Brushing, flossing, and attending routine exams and cleanings are the best ways to prevent gum disease.

Schedule Your Dental Visits with Chandler Dental Center

Tooth infections can be disruptive, uncomfortable, and painful. They may even result in a dental emergency.

The best way to avoid a tooth infection is by preventing them with good oral care habits, including scheduling routine dental visits. Contact our dental office in San Antonio to schedule your visit today!

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