Can a Sinus Infection Cause Tooth Pain?

April 24, 2023 6:19 pm Published by man holds his mouth and nose with a sinus infection toothache

When you first feel a twinge of tooth pain, your mind might go to the worst-case scenario, conjuring images of root canals or extractions. But before you start to panic, consider if the discomfort may be related to something else. You may be surprised to learn that tooth pain is a common side effect of a sinus infection.

Sinus Infections & Tooth Pain

If your tooth pain coincides with other symptoms such as congestion or a headache, there’s a high likelihood that it’s a result of a sinus infection. Sinuses are air-filled pockets surrounding the nasal passages. When a sinus infection develops, the cavities swell and fill with fluid, causing uncomfortable pressure throughout your face.

Sometimes this pressure can radiate down and result in a dull ache in your teeth. The top molars in the back of your mouth are most susceptible to sinus-related pain since they are located closest to the nasal cavity. One way to tell whether the tooth pain is connected to a sinus infection is to note if you feel the discomfort in several teeth or just one. Sinus pressure will make several of your teeth ache, so if it’s only one tooth that is giving you trouble, it’s more likely to be a dental problem.

Sinus Infection Treatment

To treat your sinus infection, you can take over-the-counter nasal decongestants, flush your sinuses with a saline solution, and drink lots of fluids. If the infection persists, your doctor might prescribe antibiotics. Once your sinus infection has passed, your tooth pain should quickly subside. If it doesn’t, a visit to the dentist office may be in order!

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