What Are the Benefits of TMJ Therapy?

February 20, 2023 10:20 pm Published by woman holds her jaw in pain from TMJ disorder

When the joints that move your jaw are damaged or dysfunctional, you can develop a disorder known as TMJ. TMJ can have an impact far beyond your jaw but also on your oral health and lifestyle. If you suffer from TMJ, TMJ therapy can provide several benefits during and after treatment.

1. Relieve Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is a common symptom of TMJ. Whether it’s chronic muscle ache or a locked jaw, tasks like speaking or chewing can become challenging. TMJ therapy helps patients manage and relieve jaw pain to alleviate symptoms during and after.

2. Fewer Headaches or Earaches

Did you know TMJ can cause several other uncomfortable conditions? TMJ can cause migraines, earaches, and also neck pain. TMJ therapy works to relieve the pressure within the jaw as well as correct the positioning of your jaw, which can reduce headaches and earaches.

3. Protect Your Teeth from Damage

Between chronic clenching and pain, TMJ can put your oral health at risk for breaking or damage. TMJ therapy can help reduce the severity of teeth grinding or tooth sensitivity and the need for restorative dental work.

4. Enjoy & Digest Food Better

When it hurts to chew or bite, TMJ can take away the enjoyment of eating. Even if you can chew food, you may notice you’re missing or not chewing your food effectively. TMJ therapy movements work to not only alleviate jaw pain but also to help your jaw become functional again!

5. Sleep Better

Patients with TMJ often report poor sleeping. Whether it’s difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep or you are teeth grinding, TMJ therapy can help you get a better night’s sleep.

TMJ/TMD Therapy in San Antonio, Texas

Do the benefits of TMJ therapy sound better than the current circumstances you are facing? At Chandler Dental Center, our team has a thorough understanding of how TMJ affects your everyday life. Let us help you treat TMJ and enjoy smiling again.

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