Why Should I Wear a Nightguard Every Night?

December 12, 2022 4:59 pm Published by two nightguards to help with bruxism

Nightguards are like mouthguards except instead of wearing them when you play sports, you wear them at night. They protect your teeth from the damage caused by teeth grinding. Why should you wear one every night?

Why Is Teeth Grinding a Problem?

Teeth grinding, which is also known as bruxism, can be caused by stress, an abnormal bite, crooked teeth, or a sleep disorder. You may experience symptoms like dull headaches, pain or soreness in your jaw, and damaged teeth. To deal with daytime grinding, try reducing your stress, paying attention to when your jaw tenses, and massaging your jaw to ease the tension. Relaxing before bed may help you stop grinding your teeth at night.

How Do Nightguards Help with Grinding?

You can try to reduce your teeth grinding at night, but because you’re asleep, you won’t notice when you’re grinding your teeth. Nightguards, which are custom-made to fit your smile perfectly, protect your teeth from nightly grinding damage while we deal with the root issue.

Is Teeth Grinding the Same as TMJ?

Teeth grinding can both cause TMJ and make TMJ worse. TMJ, which refers to disorders involving the joints on either side of your face, causes jaw clicking, pain, ear ringing, and so on. Without treatment, TMJ can even cause permanent bone damage. Nightguards can be an important part of treating TMJ.

Nightguards at Chandler Dental Center in San Antonio, Texas

Are you grinding your teeth at night? Grinding causes jaw and muscle pain, as well as tooth fractures and chips. Wearing a nightguard every night protects your teeth when your jaw clenches. It doesn’t stop you from grinding, but you won’t have to worry about tooth damage while you figure out how to stop teeth grinding. If you have questions or want to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chandler or one of our other dentists, please contact us today!

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