How Long Do Zirconia Crowns Last?

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Alright, let’s talk teeth—specifically, zirconia crowns. You’ve probably heard they’re pretty tough cookies, but just how tough are they? At Chandler Dental Center in San Antonio, Dr. Bryce Chandler and Dr. Chrysalis Heinkel are ready to dive deep into the nitty-gritty of zirconia crowns. They’ll tell you how long these shiny crowns can hang onto your pearly whites and what you can do to help them stick around even longer.

The Lowdown On Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns are the superheroes of the dental crown world. Made from zirconium dioxide—a ceramic material that’s tougher than the villain in a summer blockbuster—these crowns boast impressive durability and a natural look that blends seamlessly with your natural teeth. But just how long can these heroes hold the fort?

Unpacking The Lifespan Of Zirconia Crowns

Most things in life aren’t built to last forever, but zirconia crowns come pretty darn close. With proper care, these crowns can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, and sometimes even longer. It’s all about the maintenance, folks. Think of them like a high-end car: with regular tune-ups and proper handling, they’ll keep running smoothly.

Factors That Affect Longevity

Several factors can influence how long your zirconia crown will last:

  • Oral Hygiene: Regular brushing and flossing are non-negotiable. Good oral hygiene prevents problems like gum disease, which can undermine the stability of your crown.

  • Dental Habits: Are you a grinder or a clencher? These habits can put extra stress on crowns, potentially leading to chips or cracks.

  • Dental Visits: Regular check-ups with your dentist at Chandler Dental Center can help catch any issues early, ensuring your crown stays in top shape.

Caring For Your Zirconia Crown

To extend the life of your zirconia crown:

  • Brush and Floss: Do it daily—no excuses!

  • Wear a Mouthguard: If you grind your teeth, consider a mouthguard to protect your crown while you sleep.

  • Avoid Hard Foods: Chewing on ice or hard candy can be a no-go if you want to keep your crown intact.

Chandler Dental Center: Your Home For Long-Lasting Crowns

At Chandler Dental Center in San Antonio, Drs. Bryce Chandler and Chrysalis Heinkel are committed to giving you a crown that not only looks fabulous but lasts. We’re here to answer any questions and make sure you walk out smiling confidently with a crown that’s built to last. Ready to talk crowns? Drop us a line or swing by—we’d love to chat!

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