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What Causes Bad Breath & How Can You Prevent It

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We don’t think it would be a far stretch to say that no one wants to have bad breath. After all, it’s not just something that affects your inner self confidence, but it’s also something that can affect your relationships in the outside world. We dig into what causes bad breath and what you can do to prevent it in this latest blog post.

The Common Causes of Foul Mouth Odor

Sure, we know that eating certain foods like garlic and onion can leave you with bad breath, but what else? For starters, poor dental hygiene. If you aren’t brushing or flossing regularly, that bacteria can build up in your mouth and cause an unpleasant smell.

Other common causes of bad breath include certain medications, dry mouth, dental infection, and tobacco products. If you’re dealing with bad breath but can’t figure out what the cause is, a dentist can help you figure out the issue.

Preventing Bad Breath

To prevent bad breath, we just need to look at those common causes and act accordingly. One easy but effective thing you can do is take great care of your oral health. Don’t skip out on brushing and flossing your teeth every day (with proper technique mind you!), and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water.

If you suspect that the medications you’re taking are behind your bad breath, then we recommend speaking with your doctor first before simply stopping your prescriptions. They’ll be able to tell you if there are any other alternative medications available or whether there are other steps you can take to combat bad breath.

Manage Bad Breath at Chandler Dental Center

At Chandler Dental Center, our hardworking team is here for all your smile needs, and that includes helping patients manage bad breath. If you need help with pinpointing what’s causing your bad breath and treating it appropriately, schedule an appointment at our San Antonio dental office. With our comprehensive dental services, we can come up with an effective treatment plan for you.

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