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Why Do Dentists Prefer Composite Fillings?

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Cavities, a very common dental issue, are small pockets of decay that develop in your teeth. When you have a cavity, the most common way to treat it is to receive a filling, which helps seal the hole created by the cavity to prevent the decay from spreading further.

Fillings come in a variety of materials, but the most advanced and popular ones are composite resin, which is a safe, tooth-colored substance. Here’s why dentists prefer composite fillings, and why we offer them at our San Antonio, TX dental office.

Composite Filling Procedure

When you have an amalgam filling, or a filling made of liquid mercury and an alloy of silver, copper, or tin, your dentist must remove not only the damaged enamel, but parts of healthy enamel before performing your filling procedure. With a composite filling, your dentist only removes the damaged enamel before conducting the filling procedure.

During a filling, your dentist will remove the damaged enamel and then fill in the area with layers of resin (a plastic and glass mixture), which they then harden using a special light. The entire procedure takes around fifteen minutes, depending on the size and number of fillings that are taking place during that time. It’s a painless procedure and you don’t feel anything during it!

Three Reasons Why Dentists Prefer Composite Fillings

There are three main reasons why dentists prefer composite fillings:

1. Appearance

Composite fillings are pliable and tooth-colored, making them an attractive and appealing option for maintaining the shape and look of your natural teeth.

2. Strength

Composite fillings are bonded directly to teeth, unlike amalgam fillings, which make them more durable and safe for your teeth.

3. Safety

Amalgam fillings contain mercury which can be harmful for your body. Composite fillings contain safe materials that do not carry the risk of cracking or leaking over time.

Preventing Cavities & Decay

While composite fillings are a safe and effective way to seal out cavities, preventing cavities are an even better way to ensure the health and safety of your smile. Maintaining a consistent brushing and flossing routine and visiting your dentist twice a year for cleanings and exams are surefire ways to avoid developing cavities altogether.

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