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Can an In-House Dental Membership Plan Be More Affordable Than Insurance?

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Dental insurance and treatment can be expensive. As prices increase, you might find yourself delaying trips to the dentist. Unfortunately, skipping exams and cleanings can make small problems turn into big ones, which end up costing you even more. In-house dental memberships are becoming more common as an alternative to traditional insurance. Can they be more affordable?

What Are In-House Dental Membership Plans?

In-house dental membership plans are exclusive to a particular clinic or a clinic network. They are not insurance, but by paying a monthly/annual fee, you get certain dental services covered or at a discounted price. At Chandler Dental Center, we offer two wellness savings plans – Hygiene and Periodontal. The Hygiene plan is for children and adults who’ve had a comprehensive exam at our office. For $15/month, you receive services like 2 exams and cleanings per year, diagnostic X-rays, screenings, and more. That’s just $180 for the whole year!

The Periodontal plan is for patients who have gum disease and who have completed their initial deep cleaning with us. For $30/month, you get 3-4 cleanings a year, 1-2 exams, X-rays, screenings, and so on. That’s $360 for the year.

Are Dental Membership Plans Cheaper Than Insurance?

Our in-house membership plans cost either $180 or $360 for the whole year. Some dental insurance plans cost twice that amount! For many patients, our membership plans are the more affordable option. However, traditional insurance ends up being the better deal if you need restorative dental work. Have great oral health? If you don’t want to pay high insurance premiums for services you may never need, our in-house wellness plans are a great choice.

Get High-Quality Care at Chandler Dental Center in San Antonio

Our team wants every patient to be able to access high-quality dental care. If insurance isn’t an option for you, our in-house membership plans offer great preventative services for a lower price. With regular screenings, exams, and cleanings, you can avoid more expensive (and more stressful) dental problems. Have any questions about our plans? Please contact our office today!

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