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These Dental Issues Can Be Causing Your Migraines

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If migraines are getting you down and you feel like you’ve tried just about everything to get them under control, you may need to consider how dental issues could be causing the pain. To learn more about how oral concerns could be giving you a headache, read on.


One sneaky cause of migraines is bruxism. Otherwise known as clenching and/or grinding your teeth, its something that most people suffer from at night, so they may not notice that they’re doing it. And that’s exactly what makes it hard to control. But, if left unchecked, bruxism can lead to migraine, and also wear and tear, or more serious damage, to the surface of the teeth. The best way to get your bruxism in check is by wearing a nightguard at night, something we can fit you for right here at our office.

Tooth Decay

If you have a cavity, gum disease, or even an infection, it will likely result in a frustrating amount of pain. Sometimes, patients will mistake this pain for a pesky headache. However, it’s important that these issues be reported to your dentist and addressed promptly, not just to prevent future headaches, but also to avoid extensive damage to the teeth and mouth.


Known as temporomandibular joint disorder, TMJD is characterized by issues with the joint that connects your jawbone with your skull. Many of our patients deal with inflammation and pain links to this disorder that can cause persistent headaches among other issues. Depending on the cause of the issue, solutions include medication, night guard, or even physical therapy.

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Here at our San Antonio practice, we know all about the many painful scenarios that dental issues put our patients in, including migraines. As a result, we have the tools and experience to get those issues well under control! If you’re dealing with unexplained migraines, give us a call!

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