Why Do You Need a Dental X-Ray?

January 20, 2022 9:54 pm Published by woman getting a dental checkup while a technician checks the x-rays

We understand that dental X-rays make some of our patients weary, but they are a safe and important aspect of your dental care. Keep reading to learn why you need a dental X-ray, and why you can feel good about getting one!

Why Do I Need X-Rays?

Dental X-rays are an important component of great preventative care, and more. This technology allows us to see between and inside of your teeth, giving us access to important information about your oral health that we would not have otherwise. Dental X-rays help us identify issues with your teeth, their roots, your jaw, and facial bones. Identifying issues early is a key part of managing your dental health effectively, and dental X-rays allow us to do just that.

What Can Dental X-Rays Show?

Among the conditions and complications that X-rays can reveal to us dentists are decay between the teeth, decay under a filling, cysts and tumors, bone loss, exact positioning of the teeth, and abscesses.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe

With all of these benefits, you’d think getting an X-ray would be a no-brainer, but we do understand the apprehension some patients feel when it comes to this important aspect of our practice. However, dental X-rays have been meticulously studied for their safety, and are known to be completely safe to use to the extent that we do. While you will be exposed to some radiation, it is so low that there is no real risk of harm. And precautions are taken, X-rays are only done every so often, and you’ll be asked to wear a leaded apron for protection.

Preventative Care in Sant Antonio, Texas

Here at Chandler Dental Center, we can’t emphasize the importance of preventative care enough. With the start of another new year, it’s so important to make sure you have your next biannual visit on the books. Not sure? Give our office a call today to confirm.

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