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3 Tips for Dealing with Dental Anxiety

January 20, 2021 8:00 am Published by

Dental anxiety can make it difficult to schedule and attend dental appointments, even for simple routine cleanings and exams. Here are three things you can try to reduce your anxiety during your next dental appointment.

  1. Stay Distracted
  2. Taking your mind off of your treatment can help to relieve anxious thoughts just long enough for your treatment to be completed. One way to keep your mind occupied is to bring headphones so you can listen to music, an audiobook, or a podcast during your treatment. Additionally, plan something fun or relaxing for after your treatment that you can think about and look forward to while you’re sitting in the dental chair.

  3. Ask for Dental Sedation
  4. Sometimes it’s helpful to add a sedation service onto your treatment plan, especially if your dental treatment is going to be lengthy. Our office offers both oral conscious sedation and IV sedation. IV sedation can be used for virtually any service, as the amount of sedative that is released is controlled by our team, and patients are conscious the whole time. Oral conscious sedation involves taking medication to feel groggy and less aware of your surroundings. Dental sedation can make time fly and make patients feel content and relaxed no matter what is going on around them.

  5. Talk to Our Team
  6. Talking to our dental team at Chandler Dental Center can help alleviate dental anxiety in a few different ways. Just the act of expressing your fears out loud can help you identify what is causing your anxiety. Or, sometimes we can work with you to find alternative treatment options that may make your experience much easier. Our team can also offer advice for staying calm, breathing, thinking positively, and controlling your gag reflex. We have many years of combined experience and have seen it all, so we encourage you to be honest with us so we can help make your oral healthcare experience as positive as possible!

Our team at Chandler Dental Center is here to make things as easy and pleasant as we can for our patients who have mild, moderate, and severe dental anxiety. Please contact us today to schedule your next dental visit!

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