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Is a Toothache Considered an Emergency?

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You’re going about your day and notice a pain in your tooth. It could be a mild ache or it might escalate into something more severe. Is this an emergency? Should you get in touch with a dentist immediately? It depends.

When a Toothache Is an Emergency

Toothaches have a few possible causes. You might have something stuck between your teeth that’s irritating the area. It could also be a crack or chip, which exposes the tooth’s sensitive nerve. Odds are, you won’t be certain of the cause but if you’re experiencing severe, throbbing pain in your tooth and/or your gums, that’s an emergency. If the toothache isn’t too bad, but you also have a fever, that’s an emergency, too. Were you experiencing severe tooth pain that suddenly stopped? That’s another reason to see a dentist as soon as possible. Please call our office and we’ll get you a same-day appointment.

When a Toothache Isn’t an Emergency

Not all tooth pain is an emergency. If you can manage the discomfort, you most likely won’t need to come rushing into the office. Pain management options include over-the-counter medication, ice packs, and home remedies like crushed garlic or warm saltwater. We will likely still want to see you at some point soon, but you aren’t experiencing an emergency. Until you can visit us, be careful when eating, drinking hot/cold liquids, and cleaning your teeth. If the pain suddenly becomes much worse or other symptoms like a fever or gum swelling or bleeding begin, please get in touch with us.

Emergency Dental Care at Chandler Dental Center in San Antonio

Toothaches are never fun. Sometimes, the pain is manageable and while you will want to visit Dr. Chandler or Dr. Heinkel soon, you don’t need to drop everything. If the pain is severe, it’s a dental emergency. We understand how stressful an emergency is, so we’re committed to making your visit as comfortable as possible! If you have any questions about toothaches or what else qualifies as an emergency, please contact us today.

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