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Thanksgiving Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth

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Many people look forward to Thanksgiving all year round! It’s a day for hanging out with loved ones, maybe watching some football, and eating a big, tasty meal. Are Thanksgiving foods good for your teeth? Here are some of the tooth-friendly dishes:


Turkey is rich in protein, which is good for your teeth. The reason is that protein contains phosphorus, an essential mineral for strong, healthy bones and teeth. Turkey is also one of the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D. When combined with calcium, vitamin D strengthens your enamel. If you get the meat stuck in your teeth, don’t forget to floss!

Macaroni & Cheese

The milk and cheese in this gooey side dish are full of calcium, which keeps your teeth strong. Dairy also contains phosphorus. Concerned about the fat content? Low-fat cheeses are still good for your smile!

Green Beans

Green beans are often served on their own or in green bean casserole. This vegetable is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. Vitamin A (which is also found in foods like dark leafy greens) helps with gum and tooth health. It’s also shown to encourage saliva production.

Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Pie

You probably didn’t expect to see desserts on this list! Sweet potatoes and pumpkins both contain tooth-friendly nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, and magnesium. Spices like cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg are also shown to support your oral health. To get the most from these vegetables, avoid pie recipes with lots of sugar or marshmallow toppings.

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